Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Software Developer

Hi everyone ! Let me introduce myself. I’m Alex Reid, a French Canadian from Quebec City , 28 years old with 2 little men which will, I hope, like technologies as much as I do.

I’m working in the software domain and, in the last 7 years, I played different roles like consultant, team leader, product owner and software developer. I currently came back to my first love and I’m working as a software developer. I’m mostly using Python and Javascript. In the past, I also used C++, Java and Groovy. Of course I also touched generic languages for web development but nothing in particular.

Regarding my hobbies, well, it’s mostly coding, connecting things that are not supposed to talk together and home automation. With my Fiancée and my kids, it’s more around camping with our Pop-up camper (which will probably be in some posts).

So in this blog I’ll share the different projects I start around those king of things.

Enjoy !