Today, AliExpress is running their single’s day (November 11th) and that gives us, smart home enthousiasts, a lot of great deals to add new devices and projects to our houses. So I digged into AliExpress to find some geat opportuinities that I listed bellow. Enjoy !


Every devices on that page are eligible to the AliExpress’s promo of 5$ Off for every 30$ spent !

All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, please confirm directly on AliExpress’s site.
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That’ll help me to create new projects and content, Thanks !

#10 Aqara Zigbee Presence Sensor FP1

Credit : @AliExpress

If Zigbee is a part of your smart home, you probable heard of that sensor ! 

Aqara’s ZP1 is a radar presence sensor that can detects you even if you’re not moving.
It’s a bit slow to trigger lights, but pretty accurate to know if you left a room.

On my side, I use it in my living room, so it turns off the TV and lights when no one is there.

31% Off

#9 Aqara Water Leak Sensor

Credit : @AliExpress

This one can save you a lot of trouble ! 

Also using Zigbee, this device can be installed anywhere in your home to watch for any water leak.

I do have some of them in different locations, such as behind toilets, in the laundry room and near the water valve. 

I also saw few people putting them in there shower to know whenever it was in use, which is kind of clever 🙂

25% Off

#8 Sonoff Zigbee Dongle

Credit : @AliExpress

This is one of the popular dongle compatible with Home Assitant, through ZHA, out of the box.

Mine is handling more than 45 devices without problems !

45% Off

#7 ESP8266 NodeMCU

Credit : @AliExpress

If you’re into DIY and electronic, this one is for you !

The NodeMCU is a great board which let you build your own IOT devices.

There is different ways to use it with Home Assistant, but the most popular is definetly ESPHome .

43% Off

#6 Aqara Zigbee Contact Sensors

Credit : @AliExpress

These magnetic contacts are perfect for doors and windows ! 

They can be easily connected to Home Assistant ZHA and con monitor a lot of diffents things.

28% Off

#5 Broadlink RM4

Credit : @AliExpress

This device let you use Home Assistant to control any Infrered devices, like your TV, a fan, your cable box of even your mini-split ! 

You can get more information right there 👉 Broadlink Integration

30% Off

#4 Aqara Cube

Credit : @AliExpress

Yet another Aqara device ! 

This one is kind of weird but let you create new kind of automations.

The cube will send any sort of movements like shaking, taping or turning on any faces.
This let us map the different faces and actions in Home Assistant’s automation.

42% Off

#3 Zigbee Smoke Sensor

Credit : @AliExpress

I never rely on smart home for life related stuff, but I do use them to extend security “MVP”.

That means that, in top of my hardwired and approved smoke detectors, I have these detectors in different rooms and areas of my house. This will let me know if it’s triggered and get me more specific locations.

36% Off

#2 Motion And Light Sensor

Credit : @AliExpress

This Zigbee motion sensor is a 2-in-1 which will also monitor the light level. 

This makes it perfect to be the one that decides if the light should turn on or not.

44% Off

#1 Xiaomi BLE Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Credit : @AliExpress

Monitoring the temperature and humidity with Home Assistant never was that cheap ! 

You can easily install BTHome on these sensors, which will make them automatically discovered by Home Assistant (if your instance has Bluetooth).

Bonus : BTHome is also supported by ESPHome’s Bluetooth proxy.

18% Off

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