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For this project, we’re going to add a brain to our garage door for less than 20$ with Home Assistant and ESPHome. So this will make your garage smarter, and that’s only the beginning.

Lets be honest, I am cheap. And things like a smart garage door opener cost hundreds of dollars, and this is without installation ! So After few months of unlocking the garage with my keys that I forget in my home most of the time, I’ve decided that it was enough.


With this new smart device, here’s the list of things we’ll be able to have within Home Assistant.

  1. Open, Stop and Close the Garage Door
  2. See the statuses of the door (Open, Closed)
  3. See the operation statuses (Opening, Closing)
  4. Be informed if the door is jammed


Here’s the list of the material I used. Of course, almost any ESP based board or device could do the trick. On my side, I took the NodeMCU as it has few other I/O available for components that I’ll add in other projects.

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In order to control the Garage door opener, we’ll connect the Relay to the pin D5, which will be configured as an output.

Then, to know if the door is open or closed, we’ll connect two Reed switches to the device. One will be on the pin D1, for the Door Closed sensor and a second one, for the Door Open sensor on D2.

This should pretty much look like this :