In this tutorial, you’ll see how to display text on a 32×8 RGB LED Matrix (built with WS2812B) within few minutes. This will let you control an RGB LED matrix with an Arduino. If you build something with a similar setup, please comment and share your projects !

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LED Matrix

32X8 RGB LED Matrix

However, you can use any matrix, including one built with LED strips.


To control the matrix with the Arduino, only 3 wires are required. We have to link the Grounds and the output of the Arduino to the DATA IN matrix’s wire. Regarding the 5v, it can either use the same one than the Arduino or another power source, as long as they share the same ground.

Control RGB LED matrix with an Arduino


DATA IN port of the LED Matrix

The final connections would look like this (if you use the same Arduino pin than the one used in the example) :

Arduino           LED Matrix
   5v ----------------5v
  PIN 6 ---------- DATA IN
 GROUND ----------- GROUND

Code to control the RGB LED Matrix

Here is the library’s example, optimized for this LED Matrix on my GitLab:

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